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kinds of moultrie are worthless to a piece to. a mental hospital and i was first grade swear i'm still trying to tease and it was in our game the public's going to have a serious dilemma i'm still very. worrisome so little i've missed. it. they. want.
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we can. get a. long . way to always. be. explicitly. in the you know that shot. and have to keep all of.
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the. pieces. of the. i think when you live in. la. i had limited experience of. you know when i arrived where people were just a few photographs of. him in a lab in
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a cubicle that. if this is what's happening in this business like we'll i'm helping. you seem. to be. lanky and you know. and. and then you think oh wow. you know. this is slow so like. not. like there are no no black people lol so educated can travel to a place. like .
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this. when i was growing up. you can go to a result by people cafes restaurants and all of it and once a new southern african people who are able to follow the null model because it was looking at me. so all of these things that our parents and grandparents and all the great freedom fighters else on the ballot to you know doesn't to all of them locking me up and i'm not the. it is probably. the one thing that i can although i wanted to. i. felt it would be. my. only thing i'm good at. but. you know. of course it's strategic place you know. from one hand but from
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another it's just beautiful you know it's peace itself when you look at this. like . this country and people of this country deserve to be happy you know. but during the night you know like you see lies everywhere. it's amazing it's breathtaking. and this is military by the way of base and this is i think some political department again of the army so ex-military security intelligence service cities and this is the main problem of these conflicts of iraq like gonna start like people i got used to. and they don't care anymore they are syria now ok another suicide bomber ok they just like iraq you know. it's such a dangerous place like six cars tykes every day that people got used to that and i say iraq. cannot be different you know. means
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destruction syria that means to a station syria means to us with no it's not all and just three years that's not to forget that i mean it's like this century old like slender is skun trees like you know. the cradle of civilization you know. this three years just three years ok let's not forget about all previous you know years and centuries and all that. background we have to keep it up like now associates start associated syria with only devastation of the season like ambulances you know shellings all the time. ok we have problems because we're feeling sea. when trouble now because to film from a yeah because i told you this is a. military and security facilities and by the way you can see they were attacked
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many times someone will knock on our door some i don't i didn't do anything wrong. and since i didn't do anything wrong i can convince anybody. and everybody that i didn't do anything wrong and they have nothing to worry about. ok so these guys i mean they show us could you please stop filming ok ok let's not like. guys nervous you know. oh ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow good evening yes this is me i'm very good well hundred plays a call me about camera right here but so you can you can come up and take a look at what we feel but this is like about me you know oh. ok thank you very much thank you very much now is now or is. this is another
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sound so they're pulling gys they were they were like oh we're so sorry but security ask us to check out what's going on. her own. her. hold the hold of some good for us and it has nothing to show for a little revenge tickets and. we have one cameraman with legal camera noise. exists. as far as own stories are concerned. i have to say they probably will have some difficult is a few mean a lot of them because they are for who are they for. and yet allowed to go and see
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him below not allowed to film him so i guess the only thing we could do is i could go maybe miked up instead of having a camera with me and then i can just describe what i see yes if the love if they allow us to go away and the other thing we have to make sure is that i will be allowed in the want to st because. everyone will be allowed and i. believe it is. going to be more often ok because i can't. ever i'm allowed as play. so i will be the scientific part of the mummification of this cop's face that scientists. there are two different things you yeah it's
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ok. because this is like the coldest place in siberia. yeah you call this place three you media is going on but it's big it's me. that's what i want to do like how do people live they how what do they do what are they how do you know what are they what are they way they just what do they how's. he. going to send me. when i when i'm going to be at the lab. let's go and there's some stuff to do. thanks much less don't get strands are they ok. straw man are those are your manner of presentation depends first and foremost on the content of the story with your voice you can make people
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laugh and you can make people cry when it's necessary only so this is day number two working with mr george watson who is anyone else here for russia today can't wait to hear what he has to say today of course something humorous then of course you're you have you have reason to smile and to laugh and make a comment on yourself that's not even in the text of course. if you something tragic then of course there's no reason for you have it humor in your voice journey for months. hopefully today i will not have to read twas the night before christmas twas the night before christmas just to read it to you. read it out loud when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse the stockings were hung by the chimney with care and hopes that saint nicholas would be there and i love that is so telling about man's character that he has a copy of this i love that actually i love that about him i mean who has
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a copy of that i don't know if i want you to think only about story you tell me. and you don't have to memorize the text for that i didn't write. i will we can we back ok. your level of presentation skills meaning both your articulation and your pronunciation and your voice your volodymyr speed with your rate of speaking is absolutely totally dependent on the. kind of story everything every language especially english more so has its own rhythm its own melody try to start developing your own style your own style. is the true nature of the iraqi regime and the insurgency sweeping across the country and is a rock facing the grim reality of becoming
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a failed state or facing partition. right see. first street. and i think you're. on a reporter's. instrument. some people say that when it happens someone in time not of the. a nice one it's like a curtain falls down. if it's some point i could no longer stand it i decided to kill myself. although even i was scared of what i'd done but i punched her but i didn't understand where i didn't want
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a man raising his head and the woman should. run from him. by asking everyone who sees this video to also speak to the children's father. for my has then became a control of both she felt that he couldn't do anything. why you're crying don't cry i know i'm tired of crying too don't cry ban. the fact that. we're going to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy trek albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been
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a hydrogen right hand full of trans national corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told to us by job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem for trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america five ready to join the movement then walk away from the big picture. these just leaves the economic ups and downs in the final months day the month of the deal sank night and the rest because i still meet k.c. will be every week company.
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that's a competition you know it's another battleground so let's see let's hope such things was. cut all those places you know there is i feel it off to off towards you like you have some aggression and so on and i think that's a good way to to let him go out and just have fun with human beings after all. ok so those are just prison losers. they're willing takes it all with an old means three hundred dollars. bill and then i've been driving a car like this. a lemon own internal police i mean the country is no it's like one of the most conservative states is with.
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you know religious hardliners just another another part of challenge you know sure south. bush is good to know. ok. i think there are. a lot of car groups are here because. this is does.
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live. live.
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live. what. there was no reason to think. well as. well that it can't be oh as my friend then well ok i won't find saying to me. once i want to find someone i don't know your question on but my. thoughts are on everything except the words i noticed that last night i was i was paying
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attention to the two girls gossiping behind me in the newsroom and the angry camera guy because we started to see an ad the producer calling fifty times to make sure that oh one more thing over that's change this over let's change this oh let's change this and after it it's deals there's so many things that are competing to steal your brain thirty seconds before you talk we talked about nothing else matters except your story which is really good for me because i have a lot of pressure a lot of performance pressure and i have about nine bosses and it's incredibly hard my story i fail every time when i'm trying to make all of them it's impossible and failing how do you. shut it all you shut it off that's one of the main most important things for your future career honey everything is in your head it's psychology you have to be self-confident these are one of the most important
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elements in the work a book presenter. that you are confident in yourself i can do it. i learned the a.b.c.'s of of the presentation of the voice production voice controlled pace sentiments where your humor sad or things like that close off the rest of the world the rest of the world doesn't exist for you until your story authentic i need to just say the hell with it it's about the story it's about what i'm saying to people and it's. about that moment not about all of these instructions i'm going to ask you to speak to turn your volume of just a little bit more turn it like right now right now when you talk with all of not raise your voice just a little bit how do i know i naturally talk to him very softly. it's all ok ok and i think it's i have to consciously think bill did not do it ok then the rest of the words of the sound engineer would turn your bottom up that's
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all right with me when i try to speak more loudly comes across as though i'm faking it you can tell that i'm faking it so he actually gave me some really great stuff that i feel like i can use and i'm excited to plug in what he told me specifically about the articulating i have a really soft voice and. i think that if i round out those words and articulate and it will not matter so much. i accept that's going to be your own style and you're going to you're going to be. the lady with the goofy. ok here you go you go this is there's a painter i want to. actually i cracked my two. three weeks ago actually four in volgograd covering that story i'm. sorry. and then last night.
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apparently i'm still grinding and i just sliced it right. so now i'm going to wear this but i don't do that i don't create any word damage. but that's boring. these are my weapons you know. tough places like syria. seriously you. use your make up to use your smiley like when you write or ok. while. this is also very special you know these are my these are things from my favorite countries this one is from serbia from from
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the monastery this one is from georgia again from the monastery and there is no contradiction so far here but these two are very interesting because this is syrian thing they make it in aleppo or. syria's north they stop doing that because aleppo or was like destroyed i'm talking to right well it was destroyed so they stopped this business but it was very famous and this thing is from israel and there they feel all of them feel comfortable together here they don't have any problem and this is what i would love to see like in reality you know between these countries i don't know it's. it's difficult i don't even know whether it's possible at all you know but i would love to see them in in that kind of harmony you know because they feel they feel great here together they never quarrel. clashes peace.
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can have coffee yet. as usual i just want to take a look at our report oh. yes it was in the news international i don't know maybe it's not authentic b.b.c. the pace of it i just it's been cut off by sea where rebels nobody cared about that country so really the silver forester breached the constitution this time and several days that's too late whatever east eighty five people have died that is the better of those chair from the best of starvation he's very afraid to take a trip to the square say i heard we are not allowed to go any further because the military people who are controlling the situation here on the ground told us that the us now i praise and the ra on demand behind this building but it's not only
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from bullets that's people here are dying nothing on it is no food nothing to eat or drink the militants are inside as well and the soul of the prophet we want this to stop whatever guilty we just want to go out of the. boy go out where daryn from hunger we can't take this anymore. siege has become a popular tactic among rebel forces here in syria just recently we went to the industrial city of outside damascus according to army generals at least five thousand tremaine trapped there. sieges. well to weaken an obvious capability is keeping a large forces tied up for long periods of time. government officials blame the militants for infiltrating into the cities in the first place and complain they can to little to fight back now only civilians could be hurt. then live
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a secular is the militants who attacked the camels and this is the militants who are using the people as human shields so will. the security or military force here in the crimes is to hold the floor the militants the government o'connell's leave the doors wide open for the buy property the red carpet to allow them to go straight to the mosque was. from syria. i think it's good i'm happy just. not hundred percent. so this is what i did myself i left literally to some faces and cover it and they put on pictures. i want in terms of like. catastrophic iraq but in terms of like harmony they help these trolls and kill to help and so. if you placed one you know one line away it's out of this report out be i'll be happy. so why
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today another one tomorrow. we're going to be on me in a while. your friend posts a photo from a vacation you can't afford. a different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still tends to rejection poetry keep count ignore it. we post only what really matters at r.t. to your facebook news feed. some people say that when it happened support some
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one time not a very nice one the curtain falls down. it's some point and i could no longer stand it i decided to kill myself. even i was scared of what i'd done but i punched him but i didn't understand where i didn't want a man rises hand the woman should. run run from him. everyone who sees this video to also speak to the children's father. my has then became a control of both people that he can do anything. while you're crying don't cry i know i'm tired of crying too don't cry.
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dramas that can't be ignored from the. stories of others who refused to notice. faces change the world writes never. full picture of today's leaves. on demand from around the globe. look to. the. world. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the huge earth covered.
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the un condemns the killing of two russian journalists in eastern ukraine calling for a full investigation the pair died during army shelling while filming refugees fleeing from the area. ukraine's president petro poroshenko promises a unilateral ceasefire from government forces less than twenty four hours after a phone call with loving mir puts an. islamist militants are closing in on the iraqi capital rubbishing through half of the country the terrifying pace personnel at the u.s. embassy in baghdad are braced for a possible attack. also this hour the king's speech the farewell to.


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